How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Teaching your dog to sit is probably the easiest trick of all.  There are a couple of different methods but the easiest and quickest way is described as follows:

How To Train Your Dog To Sit

  • Put a leash on your dog.
  • Stand to the side of your dog facing the same direction.
  • While pulling the leash straight up with one hand, slightly push your dog’s rear toward the floor with your other hand; give the command, “sit” while you are doing this.
  • When your dog sits praise him and give him a treat.

Repeat this process whenever you feel like it, but do not spend more than 5 minutes each time because your dog will quickly lose interest and it will become a grueling process.  Soon you will be able to give the, “sit”, command without using the leash, or pushing your dog’s backside.

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