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Poodle mix


Photo Submitted: 12/17/13

Fluffy is 13 weeks today. He is lovable fun and a happy dog. Trains easily.


Photo Submitted: 2/20/14

Domino is only 6 weeks old, he’s the sweetest 🙂

Riley the Lhasa Poo!

Riley the Lhasa Poo!

Photo Submitted by: Rosemarie 8/30/14

Riley is a Lhasa Poo it will be his first birthday in September.

Photo Submitted by: Beverly 9/3/14


Skippy the poodle mix!

Skippy the poodle mix!

Photo Submitted by: Kathy 10/21/14

This is Skippy. I’m not exactly sure of his breed, but everyone says he’s a poodle mix. He’s very playful & loving & very smart. I just wish I knew what kind of poodle mix he is.




Photo Submitted by: Tracy 10/26/14

Honey at 9 weeks



Photo Submitted: 12/16/14

This is SnowFlake she is a terrier-poddle mix. she is something.

Eva the Bichon Poodle!

Eva the Bichon Poodle!

Photo Submitted by: Kalli 2/3/15

This is Eva. She is a bichon poodle, 4 years old, and weighs about 16 pounds.



Photo Submitted by: Maureen 5/25/15

This is Harvey my beautiful 5 month old baby.
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Annie 6/27/15

I don’t know what my poodle is mixed with
Photo Submitted by: Sarah 8/31/15

Mea (aka Mia) at 8 mths old. Not the calm little puppy she was at 9 wks but who is, right? 😃 Now she’s a large, high energy fur baby.
Photo Submitted by: Geoff 10/16/15

This is Eddie at 10 weeks, my daughter pestered the life out of me for a dog, I finally gave in and Eddie joined the family. He’s a very bright dog and so far has been easy to train, he’s full of life and defiantly has his own character!
poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Fiona Stoneman 10/20/15

Woody is 2yrs now he is the love of our lives he is a great natured wee boy. Great round our grandchildren he loves them so much.
Photo Submitted by: Lynda Ellis 10/23/15

Here is Chester! He’s an amazing companion, and loves his long walks in the morning. Obiedient (most of the time) . I really love him!
Photo Submitted by: Ben 11/11/15

This is littleman, I’m not sure what he is. But he is the most intelligent, incredible little soul I have had a,please to,be friends with.
Photo Submitted by: Mari 11/17/15

Copper is the little one. The other was his kennel mate at the shelter. Only could take one…Copper is almost 3.

Photo Submitted by: Danee 11/23/15

Here’s is my 14 week old Charlie. He has been the best pet decision ever. Perfect for apartment living . I highly recommend crate training !!!!! Started off without using one and he was not perfecting potty training but now that I purchased one two days ago it has been so much smoother. One tip I have is to use craigslist to purchase a crate it’s so much cheaper !
Photo Submitted by: Caroline 12/6/15

This is Eva and Elsa born on 21st January 2015
Photo Submitted by: Merici 11/30/15

I’m Rufus! My human thinks I’m funny, smart as a whip, stubborn as a mule and she says I’m the very best thing that ever happened to her! I get along with everyone and all pets! I’m very nosy and assume my human is always talking to me, so I continuously turn my head back and forth. I love my human, she’s my best friend!

Photo Submitted by: Hannah 12/16/15

Heres my sweet little todd! a 2 year old i adopted he is amazing and the cutest dog in the world
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Marci Blackshear 1/18/16

This is my buddy, Jax. He is 13 weeks old and full of cuddles. He loves car rides and walks around the neighborhood. He’s slowly getting the hang of potty training, and rarely leaves my side. Everyone is drawn to him since he is so friendly. I love this little guy!
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Wendy 1/24/16

This is my year old boy James. Sweet + ornery, the best little guy!

Photo Submitted by: Melissa Billie 1/31/16

Princess Leia🐩🐶👑.
Photo Submitted by: Merv 2/10/16

This is Bentley. Last year’s Christmas 2015.
2013-11-02 08.50.58
Photo Submitted by: Molly 2/24/16


Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Sharon Tate 3/4/16

Lola is a delightful loving little lady of 7 years. So intelligent, and a great companion and so willing to please. I love her dearly; she understands my moods. Plays retrieve w/ball, sits, lies down, rolls over, will stay until given command release & loves to follow me around……..she loves for me to cover her up at night to sleep, she likes closeness, love and when she is fulfilled she will make herself more comfortable in her own chosen spot.

Photo Submitted by: Deborah 3/7/16

We got Timmy at 8 weeks old from our local shelter in Nov. 2014. He weighed only 6 lbs., but is now about 16 lbs. His fur has become more fluffy, but it’s no longer as curly. When he stands, his tail is usually curled atop his back. He loves giving kisses, even to our other terrier mix, and is the most playful pup we’ve had — he’ll even play with his toys all by himself!
I might try the DNA test, but my husband thinks it’s silly.
Poodle Mix
Photo Submitted by: Deborah 3/7/16

Timmy is almost 2 yrs. old, fun, sweet, affectionate, smart. His tail curls over his back, when he’s upright. Pompapoo? Or Ratdle? Or…?
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Dave 3/8/16

This is Blackjack a great little chap full of spirit and loved by all that meet him
Poodle Mix
Photo Submitted by: Brucey 3/14/16

This is Bruce!

He is 7 months old and the most loving and funny little guy ever! He goes to the door and barks when he needs to go outside to toilet. He knows sit, paw, down and has good recall off lead.

He is very smart and loves a cuddle! Poodle mixes are 100% my favourite kind of dog. He is so well behaved for a young pup and always has been!
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Deb 3/30/16

My olly 6 years old now
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Hannah Towson 4/2/16

My baby Gizmo and his human daddy and is lab brother Bear
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: rachel navaro 5/3/16

Chico from Turkey…rescued from the bottom of a large rubbish bin.
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Kaz 5/4/16

3 years old male rescue dog , jack
He broght me a joy and true life vibe in my daily life now.
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Shareen Forsyth 5/7/16

Daisy loves playing with her ball and loves running with other dogs. Loves sunbathing
Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Bita 5/11/16

Poodle mix
Photo Submitted by: Kathy Shoulders 5/17/16

Buddy is a rescue. He is around 4.

poodle mix

Bentley the Poodle mix!

Photo Submitted by: Allison 6/23/16

This is Bentley I love him !! 2 months

Poodle Mix


Photo Submitted by: Meredith Cooper 7/16/16

This is Lucy she is 2 ,she is a very sweet loving girl who loves cuddles. . She learns very fast and is very relaxed with kids She even sat and let them paint her nails.

poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Carla Deboer 7/24/16

This is our Bella she is 2years old. She is just a little sweetheart. And she does not like to be left alone.

poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Lorraine Hope-Smith 7/24/16

This is daisy she’s 18mnths old. She loves kisses socks and is a complete live wire she adores children and could out run any grey hound she is so loving to her family.

Poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Emily Cole 7/27/16

My sweet new puppy Midnight she’s the sweetest, friendliest and a very active dog and my very first dog so blessed to have her!

Poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Brian 7/31/16

This is Oliver!!! He’s so cute and so well behaved. We love him!!!

Poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Ann Goodyear 7/31/16

This is my beautiful boy Mikey

poodle mix

Rosetta (Rosie)

Photo Submitted by: Eric Bray 8/7/16

Photograph taken the night Rosetta (Rosie) joined our family

Poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Helen 8/7/16

This is Harvey he is almost 6 and weighs 5 kilos. He is gorgeous loves children not fond of men until he gets to know them but once he knows you is so friendly. He is so cuddly and playful but also loves sleeping!! He does have separation issues but other than that is a gem.

poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Donna Kay Henry 8/11/16

Leo on his way to the pet store to pick out a present for his first birthday. Baby boy needs a new squeaky toy!



Photo Submitted by: Lesley Hood 10/15/16

This is my gorgeous fluff ball Teddy, he is nearly 5 months old.I have never been a dog person but I love this little man so much.

Poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Darlene Sorel 10/16/16

Stella, at five months

poodle mix

Poodle mix

Photo Submitted by: Julie 10/19/16

My dog is poodle mix but I don’t know what the mix is

Poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Eric Rivera 10/28/16

This is our dog Rovi, he is just 1 year old.

Poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Ellie 11/21/16

This is our Stanley, 2. He is such a character

Poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Kyanna 12/1/16

This is Baby. She will be 7 months on December 11.

Poodle mix dog


Photo Submitted by: Ashley Ruffin 1/17/17
poodle mix

Pip & Sqeak!

Photo Submitted by: Stephanie 3/20/17

This is Pip and Sqeak. They were the only two in the litter. In the picture, they were 8 weeks old. Now they are 2 years old and weight 12-13 pounds. They are inseparable and a pure joy to be around.


poodle mix


Photo Submitted by: Jay 4/19/17

Our little sweetie Jojo

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