Funny, Inspirational & Heartwarming Dog Quotes

Dog Quotes for the Soul

“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about puppies.” ~ Gene Hill
“Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog’s face he gets mad at you, but when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window?” ~ Steve Bluestone
“Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.” ~ Mordecai Siegal
“Ever consider what they must think of us? I mean, here we come back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul–chicken, pork, half a cow. They must think we’re the greatest hunters on earth!” ~ Anne Tyler
 Dog Quotes
“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” ~ Ben Williams
“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” ~ Andrew A. Rooney
“The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.” ~ Samuel Butler
“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” ~ Agnes Sligh Turnbull
“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.” ~ Gilda Radner
“One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you’re feeling blue is that he doesn’t try to find out why.” ~ Unknown
“Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.” ~ Max Eastman
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ~ Josh Billings
“Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched and pulled to such a length that the child cannot do much harm one way or the other.” ~ Robert Benchley
“Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” ~ Mark Twain
“You can say any fool thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, `My God, you’re RIGHT! I NEVER would’ve thought of that!'” ~ Dave Barry
“The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” ~ Mark Twain
“If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater. . . suggest that he wear a tail.” ~ Fran Lebowitz
“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.” ~ Mark Twain
“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.” ~ Roger Caras
“For me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog.” ~ Roger Caras
“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.” ~ Roger Caras
“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ~ Charles M. Schulz
“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” ~ Unknown
“My husband and I are either going to buy a dog or have a child. We can’t decide whether to ruin our carpets or ruin our lives.” ~ Rita Rudner
“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.” ~ Louis Sabin
“One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you’re feeling blue is that he doesn’t try to find out why.” ~ Unknown
“To err is human, to forgive, canine.” ~ Unknown
“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” ~ Will Rogers
“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them.” ~ Phil Pastoret
“My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am.” ~ Unknown

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