Top 10 Most Annoying Things That Dog Owners Do

As a dog owner, I must confess that I may have done one or two of these things before, what can I say? Certainly I won’t admit to which one of these things I am guilty! Here are the top 10 most annoying things that dog owners do:IMG_2833 r.jpg

1) Talk to their dog in that high pitched, baby voice (I know, I know, but common’, how else will our dogs know that we’re talking specifically to them?)
2) Call themselves mommy and daddy around their dog…..”Rover, come sit with mommy!” (ahem, we are their mommies and daddies….aren’t we?)
3) Don’t pick up after their dogs (alright, no excuse for this one, it’s just gross to leave it laying there for a shoe to splat into…..clearly this is plain ‘ol laziness!)
4) Bring their dog to the dog park when their dog clearly doesn’t get along well with others. (This is controversial. How can a dog learn to get along with others if it doesn’t get a chance to practice? On the other hand, this could end up to be a deadly mistake! We’ll leave it to the discretion of the dog owner, hopefully they’ll choose wisely!)
5) Dress their pets in clothing & bows (okay so maybe at times it looks cute, but pssst, I’ve heard that dogs don’t really like it!)
6) Get a dog at the same time that they have a baby so they can “grow up together” (Excuse me, but does anyone out there know how much time and responsibility is required here? Oh well, their time, not mine!)
7) Carry their dog in a purse, or walk them in a stroller (ok, just funny, we’re nurturing creatures by nature)
8) Leave their dog outside to bark incessantly (sigh…)
9) Tell stories about their pets as if they were their children (wait a minute, there’s something wrong with this?)
10) Let their big dog jump on others in greeting (What? But my dog is friendly! And cute! He only wants to say hi. Ok, maybe I should improve upon my understanding of other’s personal space.)
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