Grooming for Poodle Mixes

Poodle mixes, in more cases than not, have a medium to long coat that requires frequent grooming.  A small price to pay when you consider the beauty, charm, grace, intelligence and character you get in these wonderful canines.   Grooming your poodle mix on your own is certainly a possibility; however, if you are inexperienced in the techniques of grooming, your best bet is to find an experienced groomer to do it for you.  In addition, once you find a groomer you like, you may be able to haggle down the price by promising repeat business.

Ungroomed Goldendoodle

Before Grooming

Groomed Goldendoodle


The above photos are an example of a mini clip. In other words, just enough trimmed off to keep away mats, and give the appearance of a well groomed pooch. Notice the beard is nicely trimmed, and not hanging quite as long, and the hair around the entire head and body has been slightly clipped to give a much cleaner, attractive appearance. As an alternative, many poodle mix owners prefer to have their dogs shaved to a much shorter length, which can be cooler for the summer months as well as cut down on the number of trips to the groomer.

Short-Clipped Poodle Mix

Short-Clipped Poodle Mix

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John August 9, 2013 at 2:03 pm

I am a groomer for a bdraoing facility, I will let you know what I like/dislike about our facility, hope it helps. When it comes to how much room is needed- We have a shower, where big dogs or arthritic dogs can just walk into and be bathed. This is GREAT!!! It is EXTREMELY difficult to get a large dog to walk up the stairs and step into the bath. We also of coarse have a bath tub for smaller breeds to save OUR backs. We use the HydroSurge system which mixes the shampoo of your choice with water so you don’t have to pre-soak the dog. Plus, its therapeutic for the dog! I love it!I’ve worked with both an all around table and one against the wall. I like the all around better just because it is less stress on the dog. Instead of me having to turn it around, I just walk around it. What we use is a hydraulic table, which is great because a big dog can just step on the table and you press a buttom and it lifts! In short I would suggest using a all around table. Commision for a groomer- The way we do it is by the breed first, a basic cocker cut is this much and a town and country for a poodle is this much. Then we do have difficultly charges, if the dog bites or fights the entire time and is just all around difficult to handle. A typical shave-down which isn’t a breed cut would range from 20-50 dollars depending on the dog’s size and coat. I don’t really have a prefrence as to where people can see. Where I am at right now we have double sided glass, in meaning I cannot see out, but people in the lobby can see in. This works because the dog can’t see everyone in the lobby, specially it’s owners, and get excited and harder to work with. But also know that you will get dog’s that HATE the groomers and will bite and move even though you aren’t doing anything to harm it. As far as questions in the interview um. If they have any experience, if so, what and how long. I would make sure anyone you hire is a calm person with a lot of patience. In grooming you get a lot of difficult dogs and you definatley have to enjoy being with and working with dogs. I think that as a groomer you need to have an artistic ability too. An ability to see in your mind’s eye the finished project and know how to get there. I hope this helps and good luck!


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