Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

What we all know is that dogs have amazing sniffing abilities and can smell things that a human cannot. In addition, while humans only tend to notice really “good” smells, or really “bad” smells, a dog will notice “all” smells. To a dog, using his nose to sniff has much to do with the way he sees and understands the world around him. With that in mind, you can see why researchers could be drawn to the idea of experimentation on whether or not dogs could sniff out cancer in humans. What they discovered was that dogs that were trained to identify the chemical smell emitted by cancerous tissue could do so with astonishing accuracy. It was also determined that dogs were more accurate on certain kinds of cancers than others. What does this mean in the medical world? Well, we certainly could save a lot of time and money if we could be certain that a “doggy doctor” could diagnose us! What an interesting, fascinating thought it is…….however, what becomes of these studies and research remains to be seen.

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